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Practice Love

Since the majority of the world we live in has assigned the winter season as a festive holiday, filled with messages of warmth, love, and compassion, I’d like to touch on something of that nature.

Even with the masses of warm wishes and greeting card poetry, there is something that seems to be lacking in too many lives. I read, just this morning, a provocative, needed-to-be-said blog entitled I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay. It’s message, along with its comments kept me glued for over an hour. That piece has inspired this post.

As I read the blog, I paused to talk to my 4 year old, who had just gotten angry. My children love super-heroes. They fancy themselves Iron-Man, Dr. Strange, or Spider-Man, or whichever character perfects their purposes for play at that moment. My family and I encourage this for our children due to the messages these super-heroes represent. So, in an attempt to reach my 4 year old’s reasonability, I used this concept:

“Don’t you want to be a super-hero?” {that got his attention and he nodded fervently, saying, “Yes.”} “Well, super-heroes do everything out of love. Take Captain America. He doesn’t fly, does he?” {thoughtful shaking of the head} “He doesn’t have lasers coming out of his eyes?” {another no as he pays close attention} “No. Captain America is just a human. But he leads the Avengers doesn’t he?” {“He has a shield!”} “Captain America has the strongest power of all! Love.” {I watched as my child tried to understand where I was going with this, and when I said that magic word, his eyes lit up.} “Captain America loves everyone so fiercely that he would put himself in front of anyone to protect them.” {As this sank in, my son started asking about his other favorites, and I told him they all fight for love.}

I am a mother of 3 boys. A newly-wed. A sister. An aunt. A daughter. A niece. A friend. An employee. Sound familiar? A pretty normal description, right? Ok. How about this: I have a past. I have some demons that still try to haunt me today. Things happened to me as a child, I made poor decisions when I got older, I’ve lost loved ones. Still with me here? So how am I any different?

Without the labels society places on us – or sometimes we place on ourselves – we are all the same. Our stories may have different twists but the foundation of LIFE is the same.

So where do I lose you? If I say I’m black, do you stop reading?  How about if I say I’m Muslim?  Or Jewish? Will you delete me from your friend’s list if I tell you that I’m gay? Or Athiest?

I happen to be Pagan. That bothers so many people, but it doesn’t make sense why. I’m not going to go into the politics and debates of who may be right or wrong… no religious fanatic controversy today. I just want to make one point. And my stating that I am Pagan has only one purpose in this post. This belief system teaches love. Love for all life, for all things in nature and in the universe. There is no prejudice, no racism, no judgement. That is the ideal anyway. But wait, isn’t that MOST religions? I could go into specific religious texts and quote scriptures, etc. as the blogger that I read this morning did. But YOU know the lessons YOU were taught. The questions are: 1)Were you taught a bastardized version of your religion that allows for hatred and judgemental self-righteousness – or were you taught the true foundation of your religion, which is love, compassion, and acceptance? 2)Do you live by those ideals, those principles that are so cherished by each belief system?

Shoot me for saying this, but most religions, in my opinion, are simply different interpretations of the very same thing. All basing the key to happiness on LOVE.

What have you done out of love today? Did you hold the door open for that elderly man? Did you smile at that awkward teen with the earplugs too loud? Did you help a toddler find her mama at the grocery store? Random acts of kindness are just as essential in practicing love as giving your child a kiss goodnight. Sometimes, its that tiny moment of kindness from a stranger that saves someone’s life.

I teach my children that it doesn’t matter if someone is purple with pink polka-dots. EVERYONE deserves love. Everyone deserves YOUR love. YOUR love has the power to save a life. YOUR love has the power to change the world for someone. Even if they don’t love you back, never stop showing the world how big of a heart you have. LOVE is the strongest force out there and can beat the pants off any amount of hate out there. But you have to be consistent. It is a constant effort. Love isn’t an abstract concept. It is something we must DO everyday.

As a doctor, you are sworn to aid anyone in need of medical attention if you come across it. You PRACTICE medicine. You even PRACTICE law. So, we must PRACTICE love.

In the animated movie ROBOTS, they “see a need, fill a need”, right? So should we. Everyday, we should make a conscious effort to better someone’s life. I don’t intend for you to donate your life savings. I simply mean show some love. Give the person in front of you at the store that winning smile of yours and ask, “How you doin’?”  or help that child reach the book he wants off the shelf.

Also, make a habit of realizing that just because that guy over there doesn’t think, feel, believe, smell, whatever, the way you do – he does not deserve your scorn or judgement.   Even if you happen to be an elected judge of the city, county, state, etc. you are still not qualified to judge the girl sitting next to you on the basis of her outfit or tattoo. So you think God will welcome you to Heaven. Maybe she thinks she will go to a world of cotton candy. So what. It’s just HER interpretation of HEAVEN, isn’t it? Don’t try to deny her happiness because it’s different from yours. I’ve heard of people surviving adversity simply because they have the belief that their GOD {just so happens to be a coffee cup} is always there for them. LET THEM HAVE THAT.

As long as you believe in SOMETHING: Scientology, Christianity, Bhuddaism, Taioism, Judahism, cotton-candyism, Wicca, so on and so on… as long an you PRACTICE LOVE, what else really matters?