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Description of the Pent

Pentagram: 5 point star fully connected (knot-like) without a circle surrounding it.
Pentacle: 5 point star fully connected (knot-like) with a circle around it.

The pentagram is the most popular symbol used by Pagan religions. It represents the Pagan elemental beliefs. It is one of the most potent protective amulets. This symbol has been used for thousands of years (around 3500 BC – pre-Babylonian).
The Pent has made its rounds through religions:
~Jewish followers used it to symbolize the Five Books Of Moses.
~Christianity once used it as a protective amulet; representing the five points Jesus was stuck to the cross.
~Has been referred to as the Druid’s Foot and the Witch’s Star.

Traditionally, each point represents one of the five metaphysical elements of the ancients.
~top: Spirit
~upper left: Air
~upper right: Water
~lower left: Earth
~lower right: Fire
With Spirit on top, it represents the Spirit ruling over the four elements.

Put a circle around it (Pentacle), it represents unity, eternity, totality, emphasizing the interconnection among all elements; the indirect (and direct) relations of one element with another.
In modern-day Paganism, the Pentacle has become the unifying mark among the Pagan community. It has become more popular than the simple Pentagram.

Other meanings put forth from the Elements:
~Air (East): intellect, imagination, knowledge
~Earth (North): the body, foundation, strength
~Fire (South): will, vitality, passion
~Water (West): emotion, intuition, compassion

More meanings:
~open Pentagram (no circle) symbolizes outgoing of oneself; prepared for conflict; aware; active
~closed Pentagram (Pentacle) contains and protects; implies spiritual containment of magickal circle, instilling the traditional secrecy of witchcraft; and the personal, individual nature of Pagan character.
~inverted implicates Spirit subservient to matter; man subservient to carnal desires; has become known as representing the dark side – but that is more recent. It proves the Gardnerian second degree initiation (showing the need of the witch to learn to face darkness within so it won’t take control later).
~center of Pent implies a sixth,and important, Element from within: Love and/or Will; ruling matter and Spirit by Will and the controlled magickal direction of “sexual energies”.